Three NYPD officers injured in machete attack near New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square

Three New York City police officers are in stable condition after being struck by a man wielding a machete in an unprovoked attack near Times Square.

According to NYPD commissioner Keechant Sewell, the attack occurred just after 10 p.m. Saturday on West 52nd Street and 8th Avenue, outside a Times Square New Year’s Eve security screening zone. Sewell said the suspect, identified only as a 19-year-old man, approached an officer and attempted to strike him over the head with a machete. The suspect then struck two additional officers before one fired his service weapon, striking the suspect in the shoulder. The suspect is being treated for his injuries.

Officials said in an early New Year’s Day joint news conference that the FBI, NYPD and Joint Terrorism Task Force are leading the investigation into the attack. Mike Driscoll, FBI assistant director in charge of the New York field office, said: “I want to be very clear … there is no ongoing threat. We believe this was a sole individual at this time. There is nothing to indicate otherwise.” Driscoll said the FBI, through the task force, is working closely with NYPD to determine the nature of the attack and “will run every lead to the ground.” The authorities did not elaborate on a possible motive and said the investigation is in preliminary stages.

One of the injured officers suffered a skull fracture and a large laceration to his head, Sewell said. Another officer, an 8-year veteran, suffered a laceration, and Sewell did not elaborate on injuries to the third officer.

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